Pornography And Other Activities That you should stop

PORN AND MASTURBATION: “The curse to our generation” –


Some useless fucking sacrifices are made just to gain those 5 seconds of pleasure and then regretting for the whole day.

Regretting regrets becomes a big regret.

Don’t let the devil have the last laugh.

• Being a creepy, lonely fucker- sitting in a dark room alone, face lit by a cold computer screen that does not give a damn about you.

• The sweaty hands and balls, smelling crotch, and heavy, animalistic breathing- like you’re a demonic creature. The more you watch and wank, the more alarming your fetish gets. You end up watching gay sex when you are not even turned on by gay sex. Beastiality, pedophilia. You name it. It rots your conscience. You’re an animal.

• The frying of your dopamine receptors- and your mind is submerged; rotting in a chemical bath. You’re somewhere else, and nothing brings about sense. Your facial expression is enough to turn your mother away in disgust.

• The mindless, 5 seconds worth of numbness upon orgasm is forgotten as soon as it happens. No emotion post-orgasm. Just the blurry vision and contemplating heart. Your dick hates you for lying to it again and shrivels up even smaller than before.

• Your load- the millions of sperm, the life force in your body, scrunched up in a tissue and thrown in the bin. These sperm, your potential future sons and daughters, are spat out and killed, left to rot in the rubbish because of your selfish, ugly desires.

• And that EMPTY feeling when it’s all over you fall back into reality with a crash. You quickly turn off the porn on your PC because you suddenly hate it. It’s the worst thing ever at this point.

• Then that burning sensation of remorse as you sit there alone. Thinking “What the fuck”. You spend the rest of the day alone- craving, anxiety, depression all kick in 10x worse than before you PMO’d. Video games are your friend- they don’t judge you for being so vile. Soulless, computerized devices suddenly replace isolation with real people.

• You can’t look your mom in the eye and tell her you love her, you can’t go outside and play football with your innocent, pure brother. You can’t visualize helping your sister with her assignments because the impression of being alone in a room with a “vagina” immediately means you must fuck it.

• Withdrawal from closest friends who cannot help you because they’ve no idea what the situation is. Grades suffer- the future looks bleak. Think about ending it, suicide. you think about hurting yourself, doing drugs, sleeping with prostitutes… And then you realize that you’re a pathetic man who hasn’t got the balls to do either-

• And so you turn on your computer. And so the cycle continues.

It’s not worth it at all, is it? Don’t destroy your valuable short time on this earth. Live it to the fullest, and live it well. There are no second chances.

You are part of the 1% of men

What you do is very unique. You are fighting the biggest urge a man can have. Most men out there won’t even consider quitting porn and masturbation is possible. It doesn’t even matter how long your streak is or how many attempts it took you to be where you are now.

Just the fact that you are willing to change your life for the better, a life without an awful addiction shows what a strong man you are. Someone who doesn’t release his seeds to pixels and isn’t squandering his potential for short-term pleasure.

Being a man who isn’t addicted to his sexual urges and has control over his dick is very rare to find nowadays.

MIND HACK TIP : If you find yourself stroking your dick and want to relapse, think of your forefathers, family, friends, and just random people that have already died, watching you from above.

The thought of someone watching you will make you lose interest in jerking off.

There is a weak guy inside you.

• He tells you to watch porn
• He tells you to simp on women
• He tells you to settle for mediocrity

To become successful, you need to ELIMINATE him.

Take the charge. Man the fuck up.⚡

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