What You should Know If you want to start a business in Kenya Ruto Era


Sometimes ago I was talking on phone with one of my upcoming entrepreneurs who I usually mentor.

He is just starting out in the business world and (as usual) things were so difficult for him.

What was my encouragement for him?

“There are more difficulties ahead”, I told him.


George, why would you tell a crying child that there is more pain to endure?

I let my younger friend understand that the business world is NOT easy (and it will never be)

Starting a business is like putting yourself into slavery (for some time).

BUT, if you don’t put yourself into that slavery today, you will be forced into it very soon.

So many people are slaves today, because they were afraid of being slaves yesterday.

I’m writing this to encourage some of you who have started a business and are passing through tough times.

Take heart!

Take heart!

Take heart!

My first few years in the business world was HELL, but I thank God that I was able to endure it.

Today, I’m in heaven (really?)

If you cannot endure slavery today, you cannot get freedom tomorrow.

For some of you who are still “considering” starting a business,

Go ahead and start that business!

It will not be easy!!!

Yea, it will not be easy, but if you can endure those few years and learn along the line, you will end up being the king.

Endure it and keep on enduring it.

As you move on, make sure you are reading and learning how to run a business profitably and how to succeed in the business world.

My goal is to see you succeed.

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