Real Estate Richmoon Africa

πŸ₯³ Richmoon Africa πŸ₯³
Real estate investment made easier using Mpesa.

The largest property investment company in Africa continually building and buying properties to rent out in African countries including Rwanda, Egypt and Kenya amongst others.


Invest a Minimum of KSHS 1000 Upto a Maximum of KSHS 200,000 daily and earn 10% returns after 24 hours from renting out properties as a pool. πŸ€‘



In partnership with;

1. Co-creation app
2. Financial alliance for women
3. AWS
4. Capital Markets Authority
5. Google For Startups
6. Zendesk
7. Women I tech incubator
8. Biz Africa
10. Zilliqa
11. Standard chartered

(Launching Date . 22nd July 2022 )
Kabagabaga Kigali Rwanda.

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