Online Business Idea you can work from home

Here are effortless business ideas and How to start them.

*1. Online academic writing*

This involves writing research and essays via accounts like Homeworkforyou, Uvocorp, Bluecorp, essay writers, coursehero and many more.

It basically lets you write assignments and projects for students in exchange for monetary value.

*Needed capital* : Signing up to acquire a new writing account is free. Nevertheless, people purchase existing accounts from sellers willing to quit the business.

The fee, in this case, depends on the period of activity and the account rating. Good ratings increase the price, for instance, $500 to $1000 or more.

Sale of existing accounts from person to person is however discouraged in the interest of maintaining the quality of work done.

On the other hand, one can acquire a fairly new account without much capital since the ratings of the account depending on the excellence of the works to be done.

Acquiring a new account requires that you make an application to the company of your choice and take a test.

The test serves to gauge your understanding as researcher or essay writer depending on your area of academic interest.

*Requirements* : An Identity card for registration together with passport will be required to verify the tutor account owner. A computer with updated programs and operating system.

A strong internet connection that is constant is also a compulsory need so as to bid for work and access customers, writers, funds, and to conduct research.

Furthermore one can work for an account owner as a writer without having to acquire their own account. The pay can then be decided per page or number of words or quality of work. This price is usually an agreement between the account owner and the write, say $3 per page.

*2. Transcribing*

This is another type of writing job that one can invest in. This includes writing transcripts for audiovisual works hence translating their audio and visual information into text in the form of direct speech.

The transcripts also have information relating to the behavior and expression of the cast, for instance, facial expressions, sounds, and background noise.

Sites that provide such accounts are; TranscribeMe,, GoTranscript and many more.

*Needed Capital* :

Signing up for new accounts is free. Acquiring an existing account will cost you depending on the ratings and active period of the account.

This rate is again decided by the seller and an agreement on the settlement is made by him or her and the buyer.

Making an application to acquire a transcription account will require that you sit for an online test. This is made possible by the company providing the service. Hence before taking the test make sure your English skills and typing speed are good.

*Requirements* : Identity Card and Passport Photo for registration; Computer; Strong and continuous internet connection to bid jobs, and to access customers and transactions.

*3. Blogging and Vlogging*

With the rise of social media influencers, posting relevant content to an audience can make you money. Famous people with over a million followers or so have cultivated this aspect into an income-generating gig.

This is made possible by posting content that makes people’s interests tick and therefore generates clicks on your site. Blogging is restricted to texts and a few pictures whereas Vlogging involves making clips and videos as content.

This exercise is customized by the blogger or vlogger and is tailor-made for their audience. The content differs from financial well-being to hair and makeup tutorials.

Popular sites that provide blogging platforms include,,,, and Vloggers will find sites like YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest’s Vimeo and Facebook handy.

*Needed Capital* : Signing up on these social media platforms is free of charge.

This then begs the question, how will I make money? And the answer is, once you have generated quality content for your audience and you get to drive traffic to your site.

This is because companies can post their advertisements on your site as an affiliate link and hence you get a commission with every service they provide through your blog and vlog.

In addition, when your blog attracts a big audience and starts to generate a lot of views, you begin earning.

For instance, YouTube pays $1 for a thousand views. When your audience also watches adverts before, in-between or after your video, you are guaranteed to walk to your bank smiling.

*Requirements* : Registration details like contact and personal information; internet to access the applications and post content and also to sign up for affiliate programs. A camera, computer and or smartphone to record and post content.

*Note* : You do not need a million followers to earn as a blogger or vlogger, start where you are at and your audience will look for your content.

*4. Online selling*

Another venture that a graduate can begin is merchandising online. The products and services being sold can range from clothes to cakes. This would be ideal for a small business that does need to procure a physical store to make sales.

*Needed Capital* : The amount depends on the products being sold and the scale of production that the merchandiser can afford. This can range from $100 to $1000 for a small- scale business.

*Requirements* : This is also subjective to the type of goods being sold. For instance, selling leather shoes and bags may require one to procure the goods from a wholesaler and identify themselves as a retailer. This gives them the advantage of buying the goods at a discounted price when bought in bulk for re-selling.

Internet connection, a good camera or phone camera is essential so as to post your merchandise in social media applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Blogs.

Since the business is solely online, it is critical to indicate the mode and location of delivery.

As the business grows, there might arise a need to hire social media platform assistants, content developers, delivery personnel and suppliers.

Again as your online customers increase, you may want to upscale your business and register it as legal.

Hence, you will need a business registration and permit of operation from your country’s offices.

*5. Photographer and Videographer*

Documenting life’s memories can be turned into a business. After graduation, you can invest in your hobby of taking photos and videos.

*Needed Capital* : Enroll in a photography or videography short course ($500).

*Requirements* : Computer that can support relevant software for the course example, Lightroom and Photoshop, a digital camera ($300-$2,000), smartphone and photography accessories.

Some beginners borrow equipment to practice and build their portfolio in order to attract clients. Then once they have customers, purchase a camera and more accessories.

*6. Book reviewer*

For the readers, you can turn your passion into a job by writing reviews on books you have read. Just like any other online writing, the amount you are paid is dependent on your reviewer score and quality of work which is also judged by how long you have been writing.

In essence, you learn and gain experience from being a rookie up until when publishers and authors call you to do a review for their books.

Sites that offer this service include; Online Book Club, Publisher’s Weekly, UpWork and the US Review of Books.

*Needed Capital* : Signing up for an account is free.

*Requirements* : Registration into review websites will require information such as an email address and other contact details. A computer or smartphone with an internet connection.

In most book review websites, the first reviews are usually done for free without any remuneration. This is because; the review team has the mandate of gauging your performance as a reviewer. On succeeding with the early reviews, one’s score goes up and is eligible for payment.

*7. Online filing tax assistant*

This is a seasonal business that booms during the period of filing tax returns. You could take advantage of the fact that many people find it tedious and forget to file their returns in due time.

*Needed Capital* : This depends on where you set up shop. You can work from home or from shared spaces where you pay a small fee ($20-$50) to utilize their resources like Wifi and furniture.

Requirements: Computer, internet connection, and skills in filing returns.

*8. Virtual Assistant*

This job entails providing services such as email follow-up, scheduling calls, and meetings and other times running errands for your client.

*Needed Capital* : Being virtual dictates that you do not operate from the office of your client. Hence, minimal capital may be required since the work can be done from any location of your choice.

*Requirements* : Computer, Internet connection and the knowhow of programs like Microsoft Office and Google Suite.

*9. Teacher/Tutor*

With a passion for skills training and passing knowledge, a graduate from campus can easily tutor students. This can be an after-school activity to improve performance or during the school holidays.

This is possible because university training equips one with a versatile scope of expertise. For instance, a Biology graduate can tutor high school students in Biology.

*Needed Capital* : Setting up shop in shared spaces can cost ($20-$50) whereas private tuition at home can also be done.

*Requirements* : Proper planning especially in areas that your client has a weakness in.

*10. Soft-skills trainer*

This involves mentoring students and equipping them with skills that are not taught in school.

For example communication, empathy, team work, and personal behavior like self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth.

*Needed Capital* : Hiring space in an institution is ideal ($10-$30) or more depending on the audience. This can be successful when carried out by a team.

*Requirements* : Certifications, Workshop materials, and internet connection for research.

*11. Basic Computer skills tutor*

With the digital age, training computer skills is a very important and in-demand skill. This is critical especially for children during the school holidays and high school graduates.

Needed Capital: Cost of hiring a school or institution’s computer laboratory ($30-$50) or more depending on the agreement.

*Requirements* : Certifications;Skills in computer operation and delivery of information as a tutor.

*12. Personal health and fitness trainer*

With increased lifestyle diseases, becoming a personal trainer is becoming popular and you can invest in this niche. This involves following up on your client’s diet, exercise, and wellness since accountability breeds results.

*Needed Capital* : Services can be offered from the client’s home, shared gym space (10$-50$) and public parks.

*Requirements* : Certifications, computers and internet o research and track productivity.

*13. Small-scale farmer*

This involves producing food and other agricultural products from food crops, poultry, Insects, Fish, livestock, spice and herbs, and tree farming.

This can be done on small scale, for example, growing crops in kitchen gardens, recycled tyres, and sacks or leasing a piece of land; Rearing poultry like Chicken from incubated hatchlings, turkey, geese, and ducks; Keeping livestock for example goats, cows, sheep and pigs from home.

In addition, one can keep bees and sell honey in a small scale apiary; conduct fish farming in a small natural or man-made pond or start a homestead tree nursery.

*Capital and Requirements* : Obtaining materials such as old tyres, sacks, and boxes for gardening (5$-10$). The cost of leasing a piece of land to cultivate for a certain period of years varies from place to place (100$-500$) or more as per agreement and size of land. Then factor in the cost of seedlings, herbicides, and water depending on the expected yield.

Purchasing hatchlings and other poultry vary with age and type of birds (Day old chick 1$ and day-old poults/turkey $3-$20). The factor in the cost of food, water, and coops that house the poultry.

Purchasing livestock also depends on the type, breed, size, age, productivity, and country. The cost of a dairy cow, cow reared for meat, goat, sheep, and pig in Kenya ranges from $90-$3000 and more.

Producing honey from a small scale apiary requires bee hives ($300-$500) and an additional cost of bait hives.

Rearing fish in a small scale fish farm for example in a man-made pond or fish tank($500) will factor in other costs like fingerlings ($4 per Kg), fish feed ($2000), inorganic fertilizers, source of water, soil quality and netting.

*Note* : It is recommended that one visits an experienced farmer to get practical insight. This is because theoretical information may be inaccurate considering how perishable agricultural products are. In addition, plant and animal diseases need to be managed.

It goes without saying that as a new farmer with limited knowledge in agriculture, you should invest in research and training before starting the venture. Also, have a computer or smartphone with an internet connection to view practical procedures through you-tube tutorials.

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