Sell perception Not products and services


Most people who want to start a business think about the product or service they will sell to make money.

They are wrong.

In the business world, we are not (actually) selling products or services. We are selling perception, customers` perception.

Give me some minutes to explain myself.

Human beings are emotional creatures. Though we use our brain, our emotion is what actually rules our lives.

Because we are emotional beings, we buy whatever we perceive is good, is better or is quality.

We don`t actually know. Most times we are not actually sure. We just perceive.

Every successful entrepreneur understands this and that`s why they pay close attention to marketing and branding.

Your market perception determines your sales, strength and business success.

How do you get a good perception from your customers?

Marketing. Branding. Packaging.

Marketing and branding are two ways by which we present our business to the market in such a way that makes our customers perceive it as the best among our competitors.

Marketing is usually the difference between business success and failure.

If you have to read 10 books about business this month, make sure at least 5 of them are about marketing.

Why is marketing so important?

Thank you for asking.

In the business world, what we are selling are not products or services.

What we are selling is perception… customers` perception… how customers perceive your product/service.

In a public opinion survey about Coke and Pepsi, more people said that they love the taste of Pepsi than that of Coke, yet, more people are buying coke than Pepsi.


Customers` perception.

Though more people love the taste of Pepsi (with their brains), they perceive that Coke is the best (with their emotion), so they buy Coke.

Human beings are emotional beings. They decide what to buy with their emotion, not brain.

Why do they perceive Coke as the best?

Because of the Coca Cola`s smart marketing

There is no evidence that Colgate is better than every toothpaste in the market. There is no evidence that HP computer is better than all its competitors, yet, these products have the lion share in the market.


Costumers` perception. Marketing… smart and strategic marketing of the entrepreneurs behind those companies.

Marketing is the medium by which a product/service gets to the mind of the consumers and stays there.

Marketing is the medium by which a product/service wins the market out of many competitors.

Marketing is the medium by which smart entrepreneurs make a lot of money.

Business is not about selling products or services. Business is about selling perception.

Yes, you will have a product to sell. Yes, you may have a service to offer, but that`s just part one. You must learn how to package, brand and market your product or business.

Whether you like it or not, when you start a business you will have competitors, probably many of them.

How do you intend to win? How do you intend to get people to love your products/services?

How do you intend to sell hundreds, thousands or millions of your products/services?

Marketing is the answer.

You have to be creative enough to convince people that you are better than your competitors __ that`s where marketing comes in.

Starting a business is not a problem. Thousands of people are starting businesses every month. Making a business successful is where the real work is.

Marketing is the most important skill you need to make your business a success.

When you master marketing skills, you will learn how to position yourself against your competitors and win good market share.

There are so many good books about marketing out there, but what if I β€œgive” you one for free?

The book I am about to give you is free, yet it`s the best book I have ever read about the great subject of marketing.

PLEASE, promise me you will read this book. I`m begging you, PLEASE take time to read this book.

It`s titled, IDEA VIRUS by the marketing legend, Seth Godin.

Simply type the above title and author into a search engine (google etc.) and download that book or visit to download it.

If you sell a good product, you can make some money. If you sell a good service you can make some money, but to really make a lot of money you have to sell good perception alongside a good product/service.

Marketing is the way you sell good perception

ImplementedΒ  by:Emmaculate Muthoki
Business Lady /Mentor

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